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A gift to treasure

The Christmas season is fast approaching and although things will be somewhat different this year, we hope that you are able to spend time with your closest loved ones, create new memories and enjoy the spirit of the festive season.

You may be spending a little more time browsing online to find something extra special for those nearest and dearest, something that can be treasured for years to come. A piece of art from the gallery may be just what you are looking for and we want to point you in the right direction so that you can discover that perfect present.

Regular visitors to the gallery will know that we have a broad range of art from small sculptures to large framed canvases; and of course our range of collections also suit different size budgets!


With so much variety at the gallery, it can be difficult to narrow down what to choose so we have split our suggestions into a few different themes. Often the art that a person is drawn to reflects an element of their character or personality in some way, or they are attracted to pictures that depict something that they love; a particular animal or a type of flower for example. So you will need to bear this in mind when choosing a piece of art for somebody else.

And if you are still struggling after our suggestions but you know they would love to receive an arty gift – there is always the option of Gift Vouchers!

Nature & Wildlife

Does the recipient love spending time outdoors, walking in the woodland, along the coast or enjoys wildlife perhaps?  We have sculptures of hares, forest scenes, quirky coastal pictures and adorable wildlife art.


Lambert Collectors

One of our most collectible artists at the gallery who transports people back to those happy, childhood memories of playing out in the neighbourhood, is of course, Leigh Lambert. There are a variety of sizes and price bands available from smaller sketches to large-scale limited editions; a perfect gift for a collector of Leigh's art.

Book Lovers

From the familiar Quentin Blake illustrations taken from those weird and wonderful Roald Dahl children's stories, to Gareth Tristan Evans' creative butterfly art depicting classic literature, there is plenty to inspire lovers of both art and literature.



Music & Film Fans

We have a vast range of art with pop culture influences including Mark Davies' surreal limited editions which depict films from past decades and the recently introduced giant pin badges inspired by those punk- era badges.


A Little Something

Here are a few more ideas for smaller scale art gifts. Artist Elizabeth J Macdonald creates beautifully tactile, mixed-media abstract canvases including mini paintings measuring just 25cm by 25cm. Glass artist Alec Makinson also creates mini glass pieces with great themes for children's rooms. We also can not forget the lovable small ceramic sculptures of dogs which we have been excited to introduce to the gallery this season.



Please browse our Artists' Collections to see more.

We are available on webchat, you can email us at and or call Alex on 07825 707001. 

We look forward to seeing you at the gallery again soon - take care.



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