Blog: 'Meet the Artist' Exhibitions 2021

'Meet the Artist' Exhibitions 2021

With many of us looking forward to life becoming less restricted again, we have been putting much thought and planning into creating a programme of enriching events for you to attend and enjoy throughout the rest of this year.

With a combination of  exhibitions, creative courses, workshops and ‘paint nights’, here is the schedule for our gallery’s ‘Meet the Artist’ exhibition events which will showcase new collections from some of our most well-known and much admired gallery artists.

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Tony Dennis a.k.a Tape Deck Art: "Never Mind The Badges"

Starts Saturday 26th June 2021

What better way to commend the Glastonbury festival weekend than with a ‘meet the artist’ exhibition of Tape Deck Art’s giant pin badges. Appealing to pop-art lovers, pop-culture and music enthusiasts alike, our first event of the year celebrates past music eras in the form of large-scale vibrant vintage badges from the 1960's through to the 1990's.

We look forward to taking you on this inspiring visual journey of nostalgia!

‘My pin badges are of a vintage look, I want each of them to have their own character. My goal was to create an over-sized pin badge that someone has just rediscovered from their youth.'

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Gareth Tristan Evans: 'Urban Geisha'

Starts Saturday 17th July 2021

We are very happy to have the postponed exhibition from November now rebooked for July. Featuring new pieces from the artist's much sought-after Urban Geisha series, Gareth combines digital and traditional design to create truly unique contemporary artwork with vintage influences; a fantastic juxtaposition of the old and the new.

'Even when I was in my early teens, I was mixing all sorts of mediums. I remember using a BIC pen in an oil painting of David and Goliath that ended up getting exhibited in Westminster Cathedral. In those days that was sacrilege, so I kept schtum. Now I think the art world is far more open minded. I now feel totally free to experiment with all sorts of media and materials.'

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Sheryl Roberts: "Turner of the North"

Starts Saturday 14th August 2021

Our mid-summer exhibition will showcase Sheryl Robert’s latest thought-provoking work with the opportunity to also chat to the renowned contemporary landscape artist who has been attributed the nickname ‘Turner of the North’. Taking inspiration from the windswept moors of Weardale in the north Pennines, Sheryl creates dynamic paintings which convey tumultuous, vast skies and the changing light and atmospheres as they interact with the landscape.

The event will include a live demonstration of the artist at work where you can discover her creative techniques – Sheryl often paints with both hands at the same time!

‘I find Weardale absolutely magical! The sometimes bleak and windswept landscape gives the skies even more life. The break of the day inspires me - I get up ridiculously early every morning to catch it.’

Find out more about the artist here

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Kimberley Harris: 'Beauty in Nature'

Starts Saturday 4th September 2021

We are excited to be holding a ‘meet the artist’ exhibition with one of our most sought-after artists Kimberley Harris. At ease with applying the full spectrum of colour to her work, the artist’s highly desired oil paintings of wildflower meadows are simply breath taking.  The combination of blended skies and highly textured impasto foregrounds adds to the 3D effect of each vista. The tactile nature of her paintings brings them to life - you feel you could reach out and pick the flowers!

We look forward to introducing you to the artist along with this rare opportunity to have exclusive viewing of her latest collection.

Most of my inspiration comes during the months of May and June when the verges and meadows are coming to life with colour… I’ll often walk or drive around in the evening before sunset to achieve the most atmospheric shots when the light is dancing on the wild grasses’

Find out more about the artist here

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Alison Johnson: 'Journeys'

Starts Saturday 23rd October 2021

Quickly becoming a favourite at the gallery since introducing her work in 2018, Alison creates striking abstracted land and seascapes which capture those transient, fleeting moments depicting the interplay of light and its effects upon the land and sea.  Alison has an accomplished oil painting technique where she blends colour palettes beautifully and juxtaposes tactile areas of thick impasto paint with soft smooth areas of gradated colour.

We are excited to have the opportunity to introduce our customers and collectors to Alison in person and to view her very latest inspiring work.

'I think and hope art will always have a place in our society ... we are certainly turning back to it at the moment, art and culture is the backbone of our happiness right now'

Find out more about the artist here

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Leigh Lambert: "Those Were The Days"

Starts Saturday 4th December 2021

Leigh continues to be one of the most successful and sought-after contemporary artists in the country and is a continued Watergate Street Gallery favourite; we are truly privileged to have been able to show Leigh’s work here throughout his career.

Having held several ‘meet the artist’ exhibitions over the past decade with Leigh, we are thrilled to announce that the artist will be exhibiting here in December as we begin the festive period in 2021.

There will be the unveiling of new limited editions and rare original paintings and also the opportunity to arrange your own personalised commission! 

Find out more about the artist here

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