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It is exciting for us as an independent gallery to introduce the work of new artists to the gallery throughout each year. Our portfolio of artists regularly bring fresh, new, compelling works of art to the gallery, but it is also important to welcome contemporary artists whose work we have not previously exhibited.

It may be that we choose to present the work of an established artist who has not before exhibited in our particular area of the country. It could be that a young up and coming artist’s work has caught our attention or we have spotted an artist online or at an arts fair who perhaps has not yet had the opportunity for gallery representation. There are so many talented, creative individuals out there and we are eager to give these accomplished artists the opportunity to have their work displayed in the physical space of the gallery. As a consequence, our customers can experience something completely new and refreshing upon each visit.

Here at Watergate Street Gallery having variety of style and genre on offer is of utmost importance. Already we display art which shows a broad range of subject-matter, media processes and compositional approaches. However each new artist brings something that little bit different to the gallery; their interpretation of their chosen subject being their own unique personal response to it.

Subsequently for the spring season this year we have four new artists that have joined us...

Louise O'Hara

Exhibiting in galleries nationwide, we are pleased to be representing Louise, a local Cheshire artist here at our Chester gallery.

Inspired by the rural scenes around her, Louise creates artwork that highlights the textural elements of that environment. Having completed a masters degree in fashion and textiles and encountering the aesthetics of wabi-sabi (the acceptance of beauty as imperfection), Louise is largely influenced by this ethos in her creative approach.

The combination of collaged fabrics, drawing, paper-strips, watercolour and stitching results in highly tactile pictures. There is also a richness of light in her pictures where the juxtaposition of dark blue skies against the tonal textural foregrounds creates beautiful contrasts.

Caroline Richardson

Caroline brings a contemporary and elegant approach to the classical portraiture genre. With her design background and fine art training, particularly in the sight-size method, Caroline is an accomplished drawer and oil painter.

Focusing on female subjects in contemplative moments in time, Caroline often applies a layered process where she positions still-life objects and areas of text and texture separate to the traditional picture plane of the central figure. There is a subtle interplay of light and a feeling of timelessness in the paintings.

Starting with a career in costume design for theatre and also book illustration, in 1994 Caroline began to work for IBM as a web designer and animator and later formed a web-design agency with her husband. Now working full-time as an artist in Wiltshire we are pleased to be introducing Caroline’s work to the gallery.

Sheryl Roberts

We are excited to exhibit  the dynamic contemporary landscape painting of internationally acclaimed artist Sheryl Roberts. Sheryl’s vision of tempestuous skies above the landscape and the light penetrating those vast, open skies is recognisable as her distinctive style.

Taking inspiration from the windswept, rugged high moors of the North Pennines where she is based, Sheryl paints scenes depicting those atmospheric connections between sky and land. Applying multiple layers of paint with brushes and pallet knives is a traditional process which develops that depth of light and tone.

Graduating from the Jacob Kramer School of Art in Leeds in the early 90’s, Sheryl taught art and then became a full-time artist in 2001. Influenced during her studies by the Renaissance artists’ use of dramatic contrasts of light and also the depictions of the turbulent land and seascapes of artists such as Turner, Sheryl has combined these influences and approaches to create her own unique vision.

Josie Appleby

Also this spring we are welcoming Josie Appleby, a young, up and coming equine artist to the gallery.

Born in London in 1991, Josie later attended the prestigious fashion school Instituto Marangoni and was offered an internship at British luxury fashion house, Alexander McQueen. Having creative flair and a passion for horses since a child, Josie decided to focus her attention on creating paintings, particularly horse portrait commissions.

“Horses have not only inspired me but have taught me so many lessons that cross over in to my art. The sensitivity, skill, patience and passion are all things that I have learnt from the horses and in turn are reflected in my art”

Having also studied for an equine science degree, Josie has a deep understanding of the anatomical features of her subjects. Combining this knowledge with her creative ability, Josie skilfully creates atmospheric, sensitive and very fluid representations of horses, often in motion.


To conclude, we have these four inspiring artists who have joined us already this year and there will be more to follow as the year progresses. If you cannot make it into the gallery regularly, please keep an eye on our website to discover what’s new - our Facebook page is also a great way to keep up to date. We look forward to sharing fantastic art with you once again this year!


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