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We are entering the wedding season, whether we’re planning to watch every step of Harry and Meghan’s big day or it is the summer when all of your friends – or friends children – seem to be tying the knot. Love is in the air!

And we all know being invited to a wedding has its obligations! We must turn up dressed in tune with the event whether top hat and tails or cool kaftan, combine our best behaviour with having a good time and of course, arrive armed with a gift.

Romance of the toast rack

Once upon a time we would have presented the happy couple with toast racks, plates for a dinner service or a frying pan. Times have changed, and today marriage rarely signifies the setting up of a first home together. There is a trend to ask for travel vouchers but what if you want to give something more tangible, a bit special and different?

Giving people you love and care for a piece of art in celebration of their marriage is a unique and enduring way of showing your affection and love. A print, painting or sculpture will travel with the couple on their life together. Something that they can keep and enjoy every day (do you truly “enjoy” a toast rack?!) and be passed on to generations to come.

Jiri Borsky - Lovers and Musicians

Caveat emptor or avoiding an unwanted gift

It is a brave, and perhaps even foolish person who would dare to buy a piece of art as a wedding present. Unless you are absolutely and completely assured that this is something that the couple will love, this approach is best avoided. Second-guessing people’s taste is often pointless and can result in disappointment all round.

So, you like the idea but what to buy?

There is a handy solution. Here at the Watergate Street Gallery we can help you out with a couple of options.

Art collector for the day

If you are set on giving the happy couple a piece of art on the day then why not suggest they come into the gallery to have a look and choose something. You can set the budget and then we can do the rest. And as it’s a special occasion we’ll make sure the viewing is accompanied with a celebratory glass of bubbly. We will be happy to show a range of art and will take time to get to know the buyers taste and style to ensure they choose a piece they will both love. We can let you know what has been chosen and arrange delivery.

Keeping to a budget

Not sure your budget will stretch to an original? No worries. Remember that a woodblock print can be well under £100 so why not buy a voucher? We can gift wrap this for you too. Just drop into the gallery in the heart of Chester or give us a call and again, we can do the rest. Vouchers start from £10.

Bee Mine

Together is better

Why not club together with a group of friends to contribute to one significant voucher? The happy couple can make an appointment to come into the gallery at their leisure when all of the wedding fuss has died down, to choose something significant and truly special from you all; a lovely way of extending the celebrations and remembering your friendship in years to come.

Let us take the strain

If you want to discuss any of these ideas, whether for a wedding gift, significant birthday or other occasion then just drop into our gallery on Watergate Street or call us on 01244 345698 or email



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