Ben Broadbent


Sculptor Ben Broadbent creates figurative work that explores themes concerning both mental and physical strength.

'Art has always been a refuge. As a child I filled sketch books with imagined hereos, courageous and powerful. The idea of the hero is still prominent in my work though with maturity, I often subvert the concept to explore the rich and curious layers of the human psyche.

'I am fascinated by mamalian anatomy. Particularly the way evolution has pulled and pushed the same basic bones to achieve a range of extraordinary specificities. I'll often borrow from the animal kingdom to  emphasise a human trait.

Ben's thought-provoking bronze sculptures are a response to the human condition and are evocative and emotive.

'My work tends to concern modern masculinity.  We are living in the midst of a burgeoning mental health crisis. Drawing from my own experience I hope to offer empathy and encouragement.'

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Eyrie by Ben Broadbent
Wings by Ben Broadbent
Ill At Ease by Ben Broadbent
Matador by Ben Broadbent
Self Contained by Ben Broadbent
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