Elizabeth J Macdonald

We introduced the work of mixed-media abstract artist Elizabeth J MacDonald to the gallery in 2019 and have since incorporated her contemporary canvas commissioning service. Local to Chester, Elizabeth's work is inspired by surface textures over time and the patterns of life in buildings and nature.

Her paintings are a journey between the materials and subject-matter; each piece evolving into an expressive interpretation of the subject. The use of inks, collage and acrylic paint enable the artist to create spontaneous lines and textures which aids in the representation of the energy of the environment around her.

“My own personal work is liberating with no boundaries or restraints. It reflects an ideal way I would like to live and keeps me spiritually free and energised. I find inspiration all around me from ageing harbour walls to the life and texture in buildings and cities”

Having a textile degree and a Masters in Art, Elizabeth also collaborates with interior designers where she works to design briefs to create art for specific interior spaces.

Contemporary Canvas Commissioning

Located at the rear of the gallery, the commissions room run by the artist displays the current ranges of work which can be recreated to meet clients' requirements such as size variations and colour themes. The ranges include Ditsy Floral. Hidden Depths and Abstract Landscapes. If you are interested in a commission, please contact us to arrange a meeting with one of our consultants.

21 results
Cherry Blossom by Elizabeth J Macdonald
Poppett by Elizabeth J Macdonald
Lavender by Elizabeth J Macdonald
Coastal by Elizabeth J Macdonald
Abroad by Elizabeth J Macdonald
Intrigue by Elizabeth J Macdonald
Sea Dance 7 by Elizabeth Macdonald
Entity by Elizabeth Macdonald
Spring Submission by Elizabeth Macdonald
Memories by Elizabeth Macdonald
Silver Lining by Elizabeth Macdonald
Spirit by Elizabeth Macdonald
Endeavour by Elizabeth Macdonald
Island by Elizabeth Macdonald
Eucalyptus by Elizabeth Macdonald
Paradise by Elizabeth Macdonald
Engaged by Elizabeth Macdonald
Poppy by Elizabeth Macdonald
Off Piste Tallulah by Elizabeth Macdonald
You Promised Me a Rose Garden (7) by Elizabeth Macdonald
Retreat by Elizabeth Macdonald
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