Emma Brownjohn

Born in the 60's, Emma studied at Camberwell College of Arts and gained a 1st class BA honours degree in Fine Art Illustration. She has since worked as a freelance illustrator and muralist and has been commissioned by the likes of Harrods, Coca Cola, The Independent, Penguin, Boots and Absolut Vodka.


A lover of storytelling and the natural world Emma has also written and illustrated her own series of books titled "Yes I can help save the planet". She has exhibited her paintings extensively throughout the UK, Europe and Singapore.  Emma's works have also been featured in a Blackberry advert and reproduced as greetings cards and open edition prints by the likes of Whistlefish and John Lewis.

Influenced by the Naive Art genre of the early 20th century and the abstracted geometric forms which many of the modernist masters applied, Emma adopts the flattening of perspective and focuses on the overlapping of blocks of colour, texture and repeat pattern to represent scenes of people and places. Emma applies wonderful colour palettes whether using complementary or analoguous colour, she applies the level saturation perfectly in representing the time of day of each scene. 

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An Easter As Hot As Summer by Emma Brownjohn
Island Square by Emma Brownjohn
Bird's Boat by Emma Brownjohn
Talking Under A Pink Tree by Emma Brownjohn
Remember Me by Emma Brownjohn
Green Gate by Emma Brownjohn
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