Figurative Art

Figurative art refers to any artwork that references the real world and often, in particular, the human figure. Drawing on contrasts to abstract art, our range of figurative artwork includes paintings, sculptures and prints that are all heavily influenced by real-life subject matters.

Browse hyperrealistic paintings, prints that reference pop culture, animal sculptures and more. Discover and buy figurative art for your space, no matter what your personal taste.
282 results
'Digey' on the way back from the Tate, St Ives by Matt Wilde
*SOLD*Day Trip to Chester by Veronika Benoni
*SOLD*Fraud Monet Cork's Out by Chris Chapman
*SOLD-OUT Lest We Forget by Michael Abrams
10 FT and Lucid in Layers (XL Boutique Edition) by Gareth Tristan Evans
A Hard Day's Night by Matt Wilde
A Pink Day by Sam Toft
A Quick Hello by Aaminah Snowdon
A Silver Lining by Kerry Darlington (A unique cloud-shaped piece of art)
A View To Remember - St Ives by Matt Wilde
Agent of Chaos by Ben Jeffery
Alert Hare by Suzie Marsh
All I Need Is You...and You by Sam Toft
American Dream
American Dream
From £395.00
American Dream (Sketch)
An Easter As Hot As Summer by Emma Brownjohn
And All That Jazz by Michael Parker
And The Sun Came Out by Sam Toft
Are You Not Entertained
Are You Not Entertained
From £395.00
Are You Not Entertained? (Sketch)
Armour of Bob (Jackie Chan/Armour of God) by Craig Davison *NEW
Astral Storylines by Kerry Darlington *NEW RELEASE
Aura by Katy Jade Dobson *NEW
Ballet Pointes by Darren Baker

282 results

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