Gareth Tristan Evans (aka The Trunk of Funk)

Gareth Tristan Evans (aka The Trunk of Funk)

A self-taught artist and maker, Gareth was born in Singapore, brought up in Llangollen in North Wales and now resides in Macclesfield, Cheshire. 

His creative side operates under the pseudonym ‘The Trunk of Funk’ which is a reference to his ‘maker’ background whereupon he converted vintage suitcases into high tech – and very cool – Bluetooth speakers.  The making of these cases is currently on hold as he juggles with time demands brought on from the creation of artworks.

A mixed media artist, Gareth has exhibited in various galleries across England and Wales.  His work, whether it be ‘My Father’s Books’ or ‘BULL!’ has one foot planted firmly in the digital age and the other in a simpler past age.  Observing his work, it is clear to see the two influences meeting to form amicable companions.

‘My Father’s Books’, his best-known series is inspired by his English teacher father’s extensive literary collection.  He undertakes commissions within this series to taking into account book title preferences as well as mount and frame colours.  Specific finishes, such as ‘Diamond Dust’ are also possible.

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My Father's Books
*Please enquire* My Father's Books
*Please enquire*My Father's Books
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