Gary Walton

Gary Walton was born in Worcester in 1962. Ever since a very young age he was passionate about and fascinated with painting in any shape or form. His painting skills were first admired and noticed when he was given a paint-by-numbers set at the age of 8, and his parents soon began to realise there was a skill waiting to flourish. Although he demonstrated a talent for art from an early age, he moved through the school system and into a conventional job before taking up art, first as a semi professional, and then full time. After several years of working part time and selling his art to private collectors he gained a reputation as a talent to be applauded.

He says: “After being given an opportunity to explore and pursue my artistic skills I wanted to be different from all the other artists so started to develop my own unique personal style. It’s very whimsical, romantic and happy; quirky, two-dimensional with a slight intriguing air of fantasy combined with a twist of reality within.”


26 results
1919 by Gary Walton
The Beacon by Gary Walton
Evening Rest by Gary Walton
The Anchor by Gary Walton
Waiting for the Tide by Gary Walton
On The Horizon by Gary Walton
Lighthouse Companions by Gary Walton
How Time Flies by Gary Walton
Bait 'n' Tackle by Gary Walton
Island Beacon by Gary Walton
On The Rocks by Gary Walton
Tide's Out II By Gary Walton
Lobster Pots by Gary Walton
The Blue Kipper by Gary Walton
Who's Zooming Who? by Gary Walton
Windmill Cottages by Gary Walton
Love Boats by Gary Walton
Durdle Pier by Gary Walton
Around The World in 80 Days by Gary Walton
Love Me Shipmate by Gary Walton
Milkyway Dreams I by Gary Walton
Milkyway Dreams II by Gary Walton
Starship by Gary Walton
Seven Sisters Lighthouse by Gary Walton

26 results

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