Hue Folk

Hue Folk is a collective of diverse young artists brought together through their fascination with vibrant colour, typography, graphic design, folk and urban art. As creatives from varied disciplines, they bring together the vision of illustrators, graphic designers and digital artists.

Heavily influenced by the Pop Art movement of the 1960s, Hue Folk fuses street art and pop art to create a style that is uniquely rooted in a previous era.

Reinventing borrowed elements and giving them a fresh new contemporary edge, ensures that his work is both relevant and a visual comment on the diversity of contemporary society.

Using well-known “celebrities” of the 20th and 21st century as the central theme, Hue Folk draws our attention to the most significant figures of our times.

Using innovative techniques and a unique perspective, Hue Folk brings the conventional idea of a well-known icon into the present day, reborn and reinvigorated. A wonderful example of how art can offer new and exciting perspectives on the banal and established.

The debut collection from Hue Folk was heavily influenced by traditional lettering techniques v’s 21st-century social media commentary, resulting in an assortment of vivid 3D typography based works. This playful approach to our modern obsession with social media rehashes the old with a contemporary twist, whilst paying homage to the traditional craft of hand lettering.

The collaboration of these individual artists results in a mash-up of printmaking, laser cutting and stencilling, to name just a few of the techniques they are reinventing. 

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