Louisa Boyd

Since graduating in 2001, local Chester artist Louisa Boyd has won awards for her artwork and has exhibited at prestigious art galleries both nationally and internationally. Shortlisted for the John Ruskin prize in 2017, Louisa also regularly has her work accepted into the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition.

The human connection to nature and an individual’s sense of place is a recurring theme in Louisa’s work. Her compositions combine literal interpretations of the natural landscape along with representations of mapping which are created through a range of media approaches from watercolour to etching.

Louisa explains her fascination with the innate human response to nature...

“Despite the fact that many of us live detached from the natural environment in cities with lives governed by technology, we are still able to understand the powerful symbolism that nature depicts. We understand that a tree can represent stability and growth and that we associate the night sky with dreams, a connection to that which is beyond our reach and a contemplation of our place within the universe. My interpretations of the terrestrial and celestial environment focus on the connection between these two spaces.”

13 results
Celestial Vale by Louisa Boyd (Original)
Autumnal Equinox by Louisa Boyd (Original)
Nocturne by Louisa Boyd (Original)
Here I Stand by Louisa Boyd
Cartology #8 by Louisa Boyd
Chart #10
Chart #10
Copper Dawn by Louisa Boyd (Original)
Nocturnal Mist by Louisa Boyd (Original)
Alignment I by Louisa Boyd
Winter Eclipse by Louisa Boyd (Original)
Midnight Sphere by Louisa Boyd (Original)
The Celestial Sphere by Louisa Boyd (Original)
Alignment II by Louisa Boyd (Original)
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