Louise O'Hara

Cheshire based artist Louise O'Hara is inspired by the rural scenes around her and creates artwork that highlights the textural elements of that environment. Having completed a masters degree in fashion and textiles and encountering the aesthetics of wabi-sabi (the acceptance of beauty as imperfection), Louise is largely influenced by this ethos in her creative approach to her landscape mixed media art.

Louise O'Hara's art is a layered process combining collaged fabrics, drawing, paper-strips, watercolour and stitching which results in highly tactile pictures. There is also a richness of light in her pictures where the juxtaposition of dark blue skies against the tonal textural foregrounds creates beautiful contrasts.

Exhibiting in galleries nationwide, we are pleased to be representing Louise, a local Cheshire artist here at our gallery in Chester.
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Winter Cottage by Louise O’Hara
Autumn Cottage by Louise O’Hara
Summer Cottage by Louise O’Hara
Spring Cottage by Louise O’Hara
Autumn Lake by Louise O’Hara
A Frosty Moon by Louise O’Hara
Heading Up To Farm Croft by Louise O’Hara
A Patch Over the River by Louise O’Hara
Down to the Village by Louise O’Hara
A Flooded Field by Louise O’Hara
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