Mark Curryer

Mark Curryer

Born in Eastbourne, Sussex, in 1967, Mark developed a keen interest in art at an early age. This passion led to regional success; his drawings won a number of local newspaper competitions as he experimented to develop his abilities and pursue his own style.

Mark went on to hone these skills studying 3D design at Eastbourne Art College in the mid-eighties.

Having forged a career in computerised finance for many years, the draw towards art was ever present and Mark’s success as a previously independent artist has now resulted in a professional return to his first love of painting.

The artist’s use of acrylics has led to a distinctively bold style. Inspired by architecture and moody cityscapes, Mark is fascinated by rainy nights and the way that light plays in reflections. His work is created with little or no use of brushes but instead a multitude of items including rollers and scrapers to achieve the textures and effects in his work that has achieved notable accolade.

Although at first glance his paintings may appear impressionistic, on closer inspection there are elements of finer detail which focus the eye and draw the viewer into the street. Mark explains how he wants to lead people into the scene and for them to really feel a sense of its atmosphere.

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Big Yellow Taxi Cab *Please call to check availability
Dawn in the Empire State *Please call to check availability
Take the Bus, There are Plenty *Please call to check availability
Come Down the Avenue *Please call to check availability
You Wait for One Then *Please call to check availability
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