Mark Davies

Mark Davies

Being a co-founder of a very successful graphic design business, Mark Davies describes the freedom of his art practice in comparison to his design career...

“For my art there is no brief, there are no restrictions or brand guidelines, it is an opportunity to truly express myself and stay true.”

From the east of England, Mark Davies lives in Cambridgeshire and is a mixed-media and digital artist. Mark strives to create art that has meaning, intrigue and substance, his work reflects a whole range of emotions which are largely influenced by his own life experiences.

Looking at his compositions and how he focuses on linear perspective, it is clear to see how the work of Renaissance artist Piero Della Francesca has had an influence on him. Mark also cites Salvador Dali and Guiseppe Arcimboldo as being influential. Those surreal inspired elements are evident in how Mark takes objects and uniquely places them in various settings to transform them into something completely different.

21 results
Mad for It  *NEW RELEASE
From £325.00
The Memory Remains 2 *NEW RELEASE
A Way of Life *NEW RELEASE
Up for the Cup *NEW RELEASE
I Have The Power *NEW RELEASE
Rise of the Machine *NEW RELEASE
From £325.00
Find Your Way (The Lion King) Canvas
Skool's Out!
Skool's Out!
From £325.00
Shifting Sands (Star Wars)
Saving The Day (Ghostbusters)
You Have No Power Over Me (Labyrinth)
OUTAHERE (Back To The Future) *Last available, sold-out edition
Thou Shalt Not Fall (The Lost Boys)
One More Round (Rocky)
One More Round (Rocky)
From £325.00
Life Will Find A Way (Jurassic Park)
It's A Deal, It's A Steal (Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels )
Time Lord (Hand-embellished)
Jaws "You're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat"
Ghostbusters "Who You Gonna Call Now?"
The Fight of Our Lives - Avengers (Hand-embellished)
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