Michael Parker

Michael Parker is an artist skilled in palette-knife painting. Rarely using brushes he has been painting all of his life, specialising in figurative art. A lover of music, Michael has captured the atmospherics in his depictions of smokey Jazz bars.

'I have been painting all my life. I now realise that I was on an apprenticeship of learning the skills, and the knowledge of painting in different mediums. Finally settling with oil paint, which is by far my favourite.

I am self-taught and my early works were “trompe l’oeil”, a French term meaning “to deceive the eye”; a technique of attempting to create an optical illusion in oil paint. This was very hard edged brushwork, but it taught me the meaning of form.

After many years of developing my own style and technique, I eventually progressed to working with large palette knives.

I believe the skill of using them came from my profession as a builder, plasterer, bricklayer, and developer.'

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And All That Jazz by Michael Parker
Play It Again by Michael Parker
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