Monthly Exhibition

Monthly Exhibition - Floral Art

Our first monthly exhibition held in our refurbished cavern space will run until the 30th of November. We have chosen to brighten the darker season with a collection of floral art from a range of contemporary artists.

From Jean Picton's large, vibrant, floral shapes to the soft, impressionist-like natural scenes focusing on the interplay of light from Mariusz Kaldowski, artists interpret the natural environment in many inspiring ways.

Our ever-changing cavern space will present a different exhibition each month; please keep ahead of what will come next on our social media channels or sign up to receive our weekly emails.

19 results
Blue Skies Above (Chris Bourne)
Wild and Beautiful (Mariusz Kaldowski)
Path Through the Trees (Mariusz Kaldowski)
The Old Bridge (Mariusz Kaldowski)
Into the Sun (Mariusz Kaldowski)
Midday Sunlight (Mariusz Kaldowski)
Vitality Boost (Jean Picton)
*RESERVED*Pretty Pink II (Jean Picton)
Violet Matilda (Jean Picton)
Orange Petals (Jean Picton)
Tuscalee (Jean Picton)
*RESERVED*Burst of Summer (Jean Picton)
Serendipity (Jean Picton)
Sunflowers (Bernhard Vogel)
Red Dahlias (Bernhard Vogel)
Anonemos Blumen (Bernhard Vogel)
Ranunkelstrauss Blumen (Bernhard Vogel)
Wildflower Bloom (Roz Bell)
Harmony (Roz Bell)
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