Neil Dawson

Neil Dawson's cityscape oil paintings take inspiration from everyday images. From a young age he had a love for art, which took him all through school then developed at the prestigious art and design college, St Martins in London. Neil Dawson admired the buzz of the streets, taking inspiration from the night where headlights reflected on the wet tarmac, as well the energy of London buses and the reflections of building in the moonlit Thames.

Images of faraway cities (found in newspapers and on the TV) instilled a passion for travel, leading to the stunning artworks we see today. Whilst travelling, Neil photographed madly, before returning home to create vibrant international cityscapes, fueled by his own life experiences. Neil Dawson's art includes London, Edinburgh, New York, Sydney and Venice and is painted in oil. Notice how the moods of his work change from vibrant and dramatic to calm and serene as days unfold into the night. 

“I am inspired by the energy and colour of cities. I love to paint iconic architecture and imagery - hoping to spark a connection with the viewer, recreating memories of happy times spent in these dynamic cities”.

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To The Horizon by Neil Dawson
Open Road by Neil Dawson
Motel Stop by Neil Dawson
Last Light by Neil Dawson
Home For The Night by Neil Dawson
Highway Cruising by Neil Dawson
Food Stop by Neil Dawson
Blue Swallow Motel by Neil Dawson
Red Pick Up by Neil Dawson
The Mall by Neil Dawson (Original)
Parliament Dusk by Neil Dawson (Original)
New York City Motion by Neil Dawson
Pavement Reflections by Neil Dawson (Original)
New York City Motion by Neil Dawson (Original)
Chrysler Traffic by Neil Dawson
Thames Sunset (Original) by Neil Dawson
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