Sam Toft

Sam Toft

One of our favourites here are the gallery, it is difficult to do anything but smile when you encounter Sam Toft's artwork.

Her pictures show scenes of the day to day lives of a set of imagined characters who live by the coast – Mr Ernest Hemmingway Mustard, his wife Violet, their Jack Russell Doris and their friends and acquaintances, often animals. Sam shares their stories which are embedded with a humour and familiarity to which we can all relate in some way.

Based in Brighton, Sam describes how it took her some time to find her vocation, 'I had worked hard at a lot of different things and really could not settle with any. So when I found myself inspired to to make a living from art, I approached it in the same way I approach most things, with enthusiasm and resilience'

This vocation was realised when Sam moved to Liverpool and enrolled on a Btec course in general art. Her time there was spent completely immersed in learning, creating and developing her own distinctive artistic style. Sam's compositions are executed with layers of oil pastel, ink washes and various mark-making techniques to achieve the textures and colours that we associate with those familiar coastal towns.

Sincere, light-hearted and timeless, we always have a range of Sam's much sought-after limited editions here at the gallery.

14 results
Watching Cats Go By
No Cycling
No Cycling
Me, You & Doris
Me, You & Doris
Smells Like Summer
Test Drive *Low Availability
Love Plus One *Low Availability
Walking Out With Hattie
Back to the Clubhouse
*SOLD-OUT* Ducks, Mad Dogs and an Englishman *Low availability
*SOLD OUT*I Will Always Love You
*SOLD-OUT* Together For A Long Long Time
*SOLD-OUT* Big Love
*SOLD-OUT* A Pramful Of Breadcrumbs
*SOLD-OUT* These Days our Ours
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