Samantha Greenhill

Exceptionally accomplished wildlife artist Samantha Greenhill creates photo-realist art using the medium of pastel and charcoal. It is hard to believe that an artist who can produce such an acute level of detail and sharp contrasts of light is using these materials.
As you move closer to the picture you will be truly amazed when you realise that the picture is not a photograph!

After moving from London to Bournemouth as a child, Samantha later finished college to follow her dream of travelling and subsequently became a croupier working on cruise ships in the Caribbean. Her passion in addition to travel had always been art and upon returning to Bournemouth she chose to study A-level art at night school.

Just as Samantha began to pursue a painting career, however, she became ill and took a while to recover. Upon her recovery, however, she was keen to start painting immediately and has started to build a fantastic body of photorealist animal art that never fails to astonish.

"When I paint, I feel and experience the world around me on a much deeper level. This helps me to explore, understand and ultimately feel a close connection to my subject and the world around me...I love light and colour, especially the way they interact to describe a subject. My aim is to capture the wonder that I feel at the sheer beauty and perfection in nature."
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Dignity by Samantha Greenhill
Jungle School by Samantha Greenhill
Pondering by Samantha Greenhill
Tembo by Samantha Greenhill
Searching by Samantha Greenhill (Studio Edition)
Untamed by Samantha Greenhill
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