Sean Durkin

Sean Durkin

Middlesbrough based artist Durkin creates textured, atmospheric oil paintings of those familiar industrial towns associated with artists such as Lowry.

And there is quite a unique story and background which led to Durkin’s career as an artist…

In 1972, his father John Durkin stole a Lowry from the local gallery and held it to ransom. He demanded that the gallery install a better alarm system, that the gallery be open on a Sunday to ‘allow the working man to get some culture’ and that the Lord Mayor raffle his underpants for charity!

The narrative in Durkin’s paintings is added to further by a reference to his father’s criminal stunt included in each painting - see if you can spot it.

Durkin has one of his paintings on display at the Middlesbrough institute of Modern Art next to the very same Lowry painting his father once stole!

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Afternoon Break
Afternoon Break
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