Vichit Nongnual

Living and working in Thailand, Vichit Nongnual is an award-winning contemporary sculptor and painter who focuses his skills on large-scale portraiture work. Multi-layered in both material and meaning, Vichit creates evocative portraits that draw you in to looking more closely at the layers of detail.

The artist paints decorative motifs that fill the surface of the canvas, it is clear to see the Chinese ceramics influence. Floral and Buddhist symbols also appear within the intricately painted patterns.

Aesthetically beautiful works of art, other aspects of the portrait encourage you to look beneath the surface of the initial appearance of the canvas. The expressions of the subjects can appear either contemplative, knowing or even without expression. The artist has created layers of paint across their features that in places appear melted, cracked or even could be interpreted as clouds or other atmospheric elements moving across the features of the person. It could be suggestive of the multi-layers of a person's character or life perhaps; a portrait that begins to reveal the inner workings of the mind.

Vichit has combined the traditional genre of portraiture and traditional symbolism with a contemporary presentation that is evocative and intriguing. Large in scale, beautifully striking and thought-provoking, this is contemporary portraiture at its best.



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Golden Dreams - Dragons
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Summer Love
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